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iCEBERG CLASSiC is iYoYo's most successful yoyo of all times.

When we released iCEBERG, we had a clue it could be successful. What we didn't expect is the BOOM we received. By now we sold a few thousand and still sometimes underestimate the demand of our community when we make a new batch.

What makes iCEBERG CLASSiC, which is the original version of iCEBERG, special:

  • Manufactured by using modern high-end CNC technology
  • Polycarbonate-Body with stainless steel weightrings make a GREAT combination for a rim-weighted feeling
  • The core hub is manufactured from sandblasted aluminium and doubles as precision bearing seat, axle thread and fingerspin zone
  • An ABEC5, string-centering Pixel Bearing - designed by CLYW and iYoYo
  • Play-wise, iCEBERG is incredibly stable, super smooth and offers ultra long spin times

Believe us: you will LOVE the iCEBERG CLASSiC.

If you're more into wider shaped yoyos, our updated "iCEBERG" might be exactly what you've been looking for. 



65.1 g
42.3 mm
57.0 mm
Centering Bearing (Size C)
iRings (19mm slim)
Special Features:

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