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SPiRE - Offstring YoYo

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iYoYo designed the SPiRE in conjunction with Throwback Skill Toys of - and it is available exclusively at YoTricks and us.

SPiRE is based on iYoYo's iCEBREAKER Offstring model, which was used (among others) to win the US Nationals and European Championships. We took the comfortable outside shape and re-worked the hub area to be great for fingergrinds and fingerspins. A great side effect: it also added more stability to the yoyo.

What makes SPiRE unique is the fact that it is CNC machined, just like the top-performing metal yoyos in the world. While most inexpensive Offstring models are made through the lesserLess expensive offstring yoyos are injection molded, while the top performing offstring models are made on the same CNC machines that make your favorite metal 1A yoyos. This allows the Spire yoyo to compete with the highest performing offstring yoyos in the world, but since it is made by Throwback Skill Toys we can offer it to you at a Starter price. To make this happen we worked with iYoYo who made our previous favorite offstring yoyo, the iCEBREAKER, which won the US National Yoyo Contest in 2018. The Spire shares the identical profile with the iCEBREAKER (which iYoYo discontinued, making way for the Spire). This extra-wide profile is excellent for risky maneuvers, open string binds, and is particularly good for finger grinds by limiting the contact between your finger and the yoyo during grinds. The main difference between the iCEBREAKER and the Spire is in the cup. We redesigned the cup of the yoyo to make it better for both thumb grinds and finger spins. The Spire is the first yoyo designed for thumb grinds with an inner lip on the grind area – like in many 1A yoyos – to keep it from slipping off your thumb during grinds. This makes thumb grinds so much easier than previous yoyos you can learn them and perform these incredible tricks with confidence. This lip also makes catches for finger spins easier opening up a world of possible tricks. And, if you miss, it bounces great! The Spire is everything we ever wanted an offstring yoyo to be. We know you’ll agree!


77 g
60 mm
75 mm
Size C (Ball Bearing)
iRings (19mm slim)
Special Features:

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