TiRROX Titanium YoYo
TiRROX Titanium YoYo TiRROX Titanium YoYo TiRROX Titanium YoYo

TiRROX Titanium YoYo

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We didn't take this one easily. It took us about five prototypes to get to where we wanted TiRROX to be - and we nailed it.

TiRROX is obviously inspired by its name brother FiRROX. However, we really used its material Titanium to the fullest extent. We totally narrowed down the wall thickness in area which do not add to the power of the yoyo. Hence, we could really push that rim weight and turned TiRROX into a true beast. Agile, yet super stable with lots of power!

TiRROX is powered by a Pixel Bearing & our custom iRing response pads for long sleepers and tight binds.

For the finish, we decided to add a bit of the FiRROX-feeling by polishing the rims of the yoyo by hand. The result is truly stunning!

TiRROX comes in a beautiful and custom designed black aluminium box. You can feel the work we put into this from the moment you open the box.




Shape: H-Shape
Weight: 65.5 g
Width: 43.6 mm
Diameter: 56.5 mm
Bearing: Pixel Bearing - by CLYW x iYoYo
Response: iRings (19mm slim)
Special Features: Titanium, Edges polished



About this brand

iYoYo is the brand of European Champion Dave Geigle - aiming to "create yo-yos with top-notch quality at reasonable, fair and afforable prices. We want to see iYoYo in the hands of as many people as we can, not just in those of the wealthiest." No matter if you are a collector or competitor, old-school vintage yo-yo fan or new school, professional or beginner: iYoYo is your yo-yo - or as we Germans say: Dein YoYo.



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