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iLube - Pro yoyo lube

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One of the best pieces of accessoires as a yoyo player is a bottle of lube to keep your bearings running smoothly!

You might ask why it needs special yoyo bearing lubes. Most lubes in your household will be MUCH too thick for the miniature yoyo bearings and will worsen the play and spin time

iYoYo has these lubes manufactured by a reknown German manufacturer. Both lubes are silicone based and made to our specifications for yoyo play:

Thin - Used to keep regular 1A, long-spinning yoyos smooth. This lube can be used on pretty much all yoyo bearings. The viscosity is almost water-like and all it does is create a thin layer of lube to keep that bearing spin smoothly, quietly and yet long. We suggest to use a SMALL DROP when your bearing appears to become loud/scratchy. 

Thick - Use these to give more response to either your LOOPING YOYOS (such as SUNRiSE, Loop720) or to add more response to BEGINNER YOYOS. We recommend a small drop of this thick lube with each string change for looping players.

Each bottle contains 25ml. This usually lasts for years of play. 

Über iYoYo

iYoYo is the brand of European Champion Dave Geigle - aiming to "create yo-yos with top-notch quality at reasonable, fair and afforable prices. We want to see iYoYo in the hands of as many people as we can, not just in those of the wealthiest." No matter if you are a collector or competitor, old-school vintage yo-yo fan or new school, professional or beginner: iYoYo is your yo-yo - or as we Germans say: Dein YoYo.

About us is run by European YoYo Champion Dave Geigle. Since 2005, we’re shipping the worldwide from our headquarters in Berlin, Germany.