Bearings & Response

Center Trac Ball Bearing

Modern concave bearing by YYF!

9,99 EUR

Dark Matter Bearing Lubricant

6,99 EUR

iLube - Pro yoyo lube

German-made silicone-based yoyo lubes

5,99 EUR

iRings - Replacement silicone pads (2pcs)

Custom response pads from iYoYo

2,49 EUR

iYoYo Ceramic Concave Bearing

High-quality concave bearing with ceramic balls!

14,99 EUR

Pixel Bearing - by iYoYo & CLYW

9,99 EUR

Replacement Axle (M4 / Stainless Steel)

1,99 EUR

Replacement Hubs (SKYLiGHT/iCEBREAKER)

4,99 EUR

Replacement Spacer (SKYLiGHT / iCEBREAKER)

Replacement Spacers for iYoYo's offstring throws.

1,99 EUR


9,99 EUR

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