YoYoFactory was born in 2004 with a focus on functional technology to improve the playing experience. This has been a goal of the company which relies on the experience gathered from over 30 years of demonstrating yoyos around the planet. The end result is a durable, reliable, unique experience for every user in every undeniable YoYoFactory product.

Suitable for beginners


14,99 EUR

Center Trac Ball Bearing

Modern concave bearing by YYF!

9,99 EUR

Dark Matter Bearing Lubricant

6,99 EUR


Japan-inspired Powerhouse!

44,99 EUR
Suitable for beginners


THE #1 Beginner's throw for just 10 EUR!  

11,99 EUR


47,99 EUR

Replay Pro - by Gentry Stein

The yo-yo Gentry used to win the US Nationals in 2015!

15,99 EUR
New colors

Shutter - by Gentry Stein

44,99 EUR
Suitable for beginners New colors


5,99 EUR

Yo-Yo Holster YoYoFactory

Red yo-yo holster

4,99 EUR

About us

Yo-Shop.de is run by European YoYo Champion Dave Geigle. Since 2005, we’re shipping the worldwide from our headquarters in Berlin, Germany.